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How to get the best out of the cannabis flowers

The cannabis market has sprouted in the past few years, and it has quickly become one of the most exciting fields to be involved in. Many people are turning into the cannabis business as farmers or cultivators. However, some of the new farmers end up reaping low yields because they lack the knowledge of the secret behind high yields.

Do you know what it is?

The secret is to focus on the plant throughout its growth and subject it to the most optimum conditions, especially during its budding/flowering stage. To find out how to do this, keep reading.

Stages of Flowering Cannabis

To get the best yield out of the cannabis flowers, you need first to understand the entire flowering stages. On average, cannabis plants take about eight weeks to complete the flowering stages. Flowering stages include:


This occurs when your plant is changing from the vegetative state into the flowering stage. It is a new stage, meaning you need to adjust the light your plants are receiving. Flowering grow lights are best during this stage and should be gradually adjusted until your plants receive equal amounts of sunlight and darkness in 24 hours.

Growing cannabis plants outdoors does not give you control of your plant because it depends on sunlight. That is why you should grow your cannabis plants indoors as it helps you to create a conducive environment for your plants to produce more yield, especially during the flowering stage.

The transition stage takes about three weeks. Your plants continue to grow as much as twice their height depending on the kind of strain you planted.

First Cannabis bud.

This is what every cannabis farmer anticipates; the appearance of the first bud. This occurs in week 3 or 4 of the flowering stage.

During this stage, your plant grows slowly, and a few leaves die if they fail to get adequate light. Always check your plants’ health during this stage and ensure that no significant disease affects your plants.

Maintain the necessary nutrient levels for the flowering stage and optimize for lights as you continue monitoring your plants. Also, offer support to your plants during this stage.

Not all cannabis plants produce buds. Remember to plant feminized seeds because it is only the female plants that buds. The more the female plants, the better and the higher the yield.

Growth of Cannabis buds

This is when buds become obvious. Your plants provide an attractive scene as white pistils stick in all directions. Flowers with substance become bigger each day, giving you hope for the best yield. It is what you wanted all along the entire journey!

How to get the best from cannabis flowers.

Plant the right seed strain

Cannabis seed strains that give the most bud produce more yield. Remember to start with top-shelf genetics. While good seed can cost you more, the money you spend is worth it because they give you better returns. They increase your yield and improve the quality of your harvest.

Because female plants produce buds, it is essential to purchasing feminized seeds.

Remove only unwanted leaves and branches.

Some leaves and branches die as your plant continues to grow and start forming flowers. These dead leaves and branches should be cut. Do not cut big branches because your plants need them. Instead, bend them down to form a horizontal table-like shape.

Maintain appropriate temperature and humidity

Cannabis plants require different humidity as they grow. The vegetative stage requires a higher humidity level, while the flowering stage requires less humidity, anywhere around 45%. This level helps your plants increase trichome production in buds and prevent molds.

While cannabis plants love moisture, you risk getting powdery mildew on your buds when you maintain the humidity of about 50%. So, get a good working thermo-hygrometer to help you monitor your grow room daily. Use a dehumidifier when the humidity starts going up.

Temperature also affects the quality of your buds. The flowering stage requires a daytime temperature of about 65-80°F (18-26°C). You might maintain a higher temperature of about 80-90°F (26°-32°C) if you are using CO2, but you should lower the temperatures to 65-80°F during the last two weeks before you harvest.

Night temperatures ought to be at 68-75°F (20°-24°C). Avoid very low temperatures at night because they can make your buds to rot.

Give your plants the right nutrients.

The flowering stage requires low nitrogen levels, especially during the growing bud stage. While your plants need much nitrogen during the vegetative stage, too much nitrogen during the flowering stage discourages bud production hence low yield.

Flowering needs plenty of phosphorus. You will get more yield when you give your plants plenty of phosphorus during the budding stage,

Giving your plant supplements such as carbohydrates, bloom enhancers, and PK Boosters during the flowering stage also increase your yield.

However, avoid giving your plants too many nutrients to avoid nutrient burn.

Offer support

Your plants require adequate exposure to access light during the flowering stage. Avoid tying down your plants during this stage. Hold your buds up and close to the light instead.

With this information, what’s stopping you from improving your yields? I would dare say nothing.

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