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The ultimate guide to cannabis edibles

What happens when you mix cannabis flowers or concentrates on consumable food items? You get cannabis edibles. These edibles contain cannabinoids like THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol), responsible for ‘high’ effect and numerous medicinal properties respectively.

On October 17th, 2018, buying, possessing, and selling cannabis for recreational purposes was declared legal in Canada. Do you need cannabis edibles Toronto?  You can easily purchase cannabis edibles in your nearby dispensary.

In this article, we shall comprehensively cover everything that involves cannabis edibles. In the end, you will be an expert in both theory and practice as we will also show you how to make edibles from the comfort of your home.  

Different forms of cannabis edibles

Advancement in the cannabis culinary art has resulted in new creative ways to incorporate cannabis into a myriad of food items like;

  • Baked items like cookies, brownies, and waffles.
  • Sweet treats and candies – gummies, lollipops, lozenges, chocolate, chewing gum, and fruit bars.
  • Beverages including beer, tea, coffee, energy drinks, and fizzled drinks.
  • Cooking oils.
  • Tinctures
  • Spreads, syrups, and sugar.

Methods of absorption for different types of edibles

There are countless forms of canada cannabis edibles in the market; however, they can all be categorized into three basic categories according to how they are absorbed into our bodies. These are;

Intestinal absorption

These are edibles that are absorbed through the stomach walls. Examples include; brownies, cookies, and cakes. When swallowed, they go to the stomach where they are absorbed into the bloodstream. Afterward, they are taken to the liver, back to the bloodstream, and finally, they end up in our head and we start feeling the effects of the cannabis.

This is why cannabis edibles take around 1-2 hours to show any effect on the user but take longer to wear off (takes about 8hours).

Oral absorption

Edibles like lozenges(tablets), lollipops, and tinctures are absorbed within the mouth walls. Their effect is felt almost immediately but wears off after a short time.


They are the most sought-after edibles because they can be absorbed both orally and through the stomach. They are perfect because they offer fast relief from pain, and their effects last for many hours. Examples include chocolate bars and infused drinks.

As seen above, edibles that are absorbed orally offer fast relief, but their effects last for a short while (4 hours or less), whereas those absorbed through the stomach take longer to provide relief, but once it does, the effect lasts for 8hours or more.

Benefits of cannabis edibles

  1. The heat used during the making of the edibles converts inactive cannabinoids (THCA, CBDA) into active CBD, CBN, and THC in a process known as decarboxylation. These compounds are essential in the treating and management of pain and conditions like insomnia, inflammation, anxiety, etc.
  2. Edibles have been effective in managing Crohn’s disease, a condition affecting the gastrointestinal tract. Cannabis edibles release numerous cannabinoids into the patient’s stomach walls, where the problem emanates from, thus providing instant relief.
  3. Edibles do not pose any respiratory risk to the consumer. There is no burning of cannabis; hence no smoke is produced. Inhaling smoke exposes one to carcinogens, tar, and carbon, which hinders breathing and causes respiratory infections.
  4. It is an ideal method of maintaining that ‘high’ or medicinal relief due to its long-lasting effects.
  5. They can be found at any dispensary near you anywhere in Toronto or online stores. They are easy to consume and are more preferred by users who find it hard to smoke or vape.
  6. Private consumption – consuming edibles is discreet since they have no odor. This is ideal for consumers who have to take it while at work or in crowded places.

Cannabis edibles dosage

The potency level of cannabis edibles is measured according to how many cannabinoid milligrams are present in the product. I.e., the amount of THC or CBD that is contained in a single serving.

Sometimes, manufacturers only state the amount of THC/CBD that is present in a package. You will have to figure out the ratio of each piece in the package. For example, if a package of 20 cookies contains 100mgs of THC, you will subdivide 100 by 20 to get 5. That means each cookie contains 5 milligrams of THC.

Always ensure you check the THC/CBD content of any cannabis edible product you consume. Beginners can start with a 5mg dosage and work their way up to find the dosage that fits their desired effect.

How to make cannabis edibles at home

The best edibles are the ones with high potency, and still taste good. Making these cannabis edibles has been made easier by the numerous online guides available. However, if you still don’t get the best of cannabis edibles recipes, grab your ready to munch and forget baking or frying altogether.


In the past, cannabis has been looked down upon, misjudged, and ridiculed countless times. Through the persistence of visionaries who saw the potential it holds, we got to where we are today. This plant has brought so many benefits to individuals, businesses, and even states.

It is presently being used in the management and treatment of numerous diseases like epilepsy, cancer, fibromyalgia, and diabetes. More research is being conducted to find out other ways it can be applied to make a difference in our society.

Ontario’s cannabis edibles are fast becoming the most popular way of consuming cannabis, and with increased demand and unique culinary skills, the edibles’ industry is destined for greatness. Looking for cannabis edibles for sale in Ontario? Planet 60 got your back.