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10 Tips to Buy the Best Cannabis Flowers In Toronto

Cannabis Dispensary in North York has a big pile of weed leaves

Research has it that there are over 700 Cannabis strains. Each of the strains produces varying ‘highs’ depending on several factors like growth conditions, curing criteria, and harvesting methods used by the farmer.

The chemical composition and design of each strain are what determines the effect it has on the user. The potency of each strain is determined by the bud quality and your body chemistry.

So, are there standards to look out for when choosing a cannabis flower? Or how would you differentiate between the top-shelf weed from the mid-grades, the regs, and the schwag weed?

We got you covered! Here are ten tips to help you pick the best cannabis flowers.

1. Find the best Cannabis flower by color

The first thing you want to check out is color. High-quality weed buds have a bright hue. Most of them come in radiant shades of purple, red, or blue. Any weed user will tell you that these are the colors to look for when buying CBD buds. Weed buds with a visible shade of green sign a flower that was bred in the best conditions. Pick that one. Avoid the dull, brownish hues as they are low quality.

2. Texture shows the best Cannabis

Processed flowers, like food, have a shelf life. When the moisture on any bud decreases, it becomes dry, crusty and will lose flavor in the long run. When picking pot flowers, don’t shy from pressing on to the package to feel whether it snaps or crackles like a cornflake. If it does, pass till you get the one with a moist texture.

3. Aroma – the evidence for the best one

The smell of cannabis flower is one indicator that differentiates top-quality marijuana and the rest. Weed could have varying aromatic scents; floral, earthy, spicy, sweet, or harsh ones. Pick any bud that grabs your attention with a fragrant scent without hesitation. Leave any weed that doesn’t have a distinct aroma.

4. Size is an important factor

A cannabis plant is very agile when it comes to pollination and growth in general. The plant drives most of its resources towards the flowering part of the plant. A healthy plant will have significant, tasty and most potent buds. So, when buying Cannabis buds, be sure to pick the big ones and avoid the small buds—the bigger the size of the flower, the better the quality.

5. What are trichomes?

And what’s a trichome? It’s the whitish salty like structure that covers the weed buds. It contains terpenes and cannabinoids which gives weed its flavor. A bud that has more trichomes means it has more of these aromatic compounds. If the flower has a salty film-like covering, you found a tasty bud. Pick it!

6. Flavor says everything

Top-shelf marijuana buds have a rich taste compared to the low-quality ones. The distinct taste in high-quality flowers is caused by the presence of many terpenes and cannabinoids in the bud. The easiest way to pick a tasty bud is by choosing the most aromatic flower. It’s an indicator that there are plenty of flavor-giving compounds in flowers.

7. Visible Defects

You don’t want buds that are flawed with mold, discoloration, or mildew. This is common in low-quality weed buds. Also, buds that have visible defects caused by insect bites should be a no for top-quality weed shoppers. You’ll rarely find seeds in high-quality flowers. Any visible defect should discourage you from making a purchase.

8. Non-leafy Flowers

Yes! The best cannabis flowers have no leaves. The bud is well-manicured, and if any be present, they are small trichome-rich leaves around the buds. So, when purchasing a cannabis flower, consider the non-leafy flowers. The small leaves around most leaves are full of cannabinoids and terpenes that enrich the bud with taste and aroma.

9. Crusty Leaves

High-quality weed flowers come from a healthy hemp plant. Any sign of dry and crusty leaves is a call for alarm that the bud comes from an unhealthy plant. Healthy cannabis flowers have greener well-cured leaves. Most will have a rich crystalline resin coating that is sticky when touched.

10. Stems and Seeds

In addition to being non-leafy, top-notch weed buds have neither seed nor visible stems. If any branches are visible, it shows there were poor trimming and pruning. Stems cause a thick smoke that has a chlorophyll taste.


You have all your tips for your next flower shopping spree and all set for savory weed experience. Though all flowers looked the same at first sight, you can now pick the best quality among the many options presented. Do not depend on others to select what they think might be good for you. Show your prowess by being the one giving out the tips to buying the best cannabis flowers.